Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inside You

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Inside You. That’s where I want to be. With my fingers. With my tongue. With my cock. Inside you is where I feel the best. Where I need to be all the time. It’s where I’m relaxed. Where I’m excited. Where I feel at peace. And where I feel incredibly turned on.
My tongue in your mouth. Touching your lips. Your tongue. Breathing in when you breath out. Tasting you. Tasting me. Tasting our combined mixture.
My fingers inside you. Touching you deep. Feeling you stretch. Then squeeze. Feeling you drip, then flood. All over my fingers. Touching your spot. Feeling you let loose.
My cock inside you. Sometimes gently, sometimes hard. Sometimes loving. Sometimes forceful. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes for hours.
Inside you is where I need to be. Let me enter you.

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